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As a fine artist hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of Azerbaijan, known as the "Land of Fire" for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit, my artistic journey is exploring a variety of techniques, weaving together different approaches to create a diverse and dynamic body of work. I became an alumna of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. I find profound inspiration in the domain of folklore and mythology, exploring their intricate narratives and timeless symbols.

In my artistic journey, I've discovered a profound connection between the natural world and the feminine spirit, and it's this intersection that fuels my creative passion. Fauna and women, each with their unique grace and strength, serve as my primary muses, inspiring me to delve deeper into the depths of expression and storytelling.

Drawing fauna allows me to celebrate the majesty and diversity of the natural world, capturing the essence of animals in all their glory.  Similarly, portraying women in my art allows me to celebrate the strength, resilience, and beauty inherent in the feminine experience.

The genre that encapsulates my expression is Neo-Renaissance, I bring a unique blend of tradition and modernity to my art. 

Currently based in the dynamic city of London, UK, my art finds dimensions as it merges with the diverse cultural influences and lively atmosphere of this cosmopolitan hub.

Balancing the vibrant world of art with the joys and responsibilities of motherhood is a journey that defines me as much as my artwork. As a devoted mother to my son and a loving wife, my life is a delicate dance of nurturing both my family and my creative passions.

Join me as I explore the depths of creativity, embracing the past while embracing the future, one brushstroke at a time. Welcome to my world.

Pari Aliyeva
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